NAR: 'Buyers coming back in force'

Economist Yun cites rising mortgage rates as one reason because the initial phase "nudges people to make their decision now rather than wait until later."

Study: Speedy Internet boosts home values

University of Colo. and Carnegie Mellon find fiber-optic connections ? the fastest high-speed Internet available ? adds $5,437 to the price of a $175,000 home.

Environment: Water recycling the next hot topic?

Growth has led many states, including Fla., to focus on the local water supply. A new technique in Calif. takes "gray" home water and repurposes it.

"Artificial amenities" jack up sales prices

Study: It's not just granite countertops and hardwood floors. A $1,000 per-student school funding increase, for example, is worth $570 more each year to buyers.

Your business: 5 issues that will impact it

Realtors who understand the market are getting ready. Two big changes on the horizon: Baby boomers' needs are shifting as millennials enter the market.

FAU study: Lower gas prices boost home sales

The Fla. university studied home sales in Va. over 10 years and found that properties not only net more money when gas is cheap, they also sell faster.

New Fla. laws go into effect July 1

A number of real estate-related bills passed by the 2015 Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott become effective tomorrow, July 1.

U.S. home prices still going up ? but not as fast

SandP/Case-Shiller found a 4.6% year-to-year price increase in April ? a bit less than the March rate. But not all cities fared the same; Miami had a 7.5% increase.