Why buy a home? The reasons have changed

HomeServices study: Post-recession buyers focus less on a home's size and location; instead, they want personal needs fulfilled as they build wealth.

Floridians' consumer confidence drops a bit in April

The most significant part of the three-point drop came from households with annual incomes over $50,000; lower-income households remained stable.

NAHB new-home forecast: Steady now, more next year

The builders' chief economist says 7.4 million home sales were lost to a slow recovery and job uncertainty, but some ? no one knows how many ? will soon be back.

Another reason to buy now: Rents going up again

CEOs of the nation's largest single-family-home rental companies say they plan to raise rents up to 5.7% this year because of the increase in demand.

1 in 3 Americans say real estate the best investment

As a long-term investment, nothing beats real estate, according to a Gallup poll. It's the second year in a row that it beat out gold, stocks, CDs, bonds, etc.

RealtyTrac: Fewer Fla. homeowners are underwater

However, the U.S. saw its percent of underwater owners rise in the first quarter, due in part to the loss of property sold by owners who had positive equity.

Fla.'s housing market continues growth trends in March 2015

Florida Realtors March report found a 24.6% year-to-year increase in single-family sales and 9.2% price boost. U.S. sales jumped a higher-than-expected 6.1%.

Housing needs less regulation, more opportunity

Major industry groups including NAR agreed at a D.C. forum that the U.S. needs regulations to avoid another meltdown ? but at the moment, they go too far.