Floridians' confidence rises 3 points in March

The survey, which measures Florida residents' attitudes, rose to its highest number in a decade. All components ? short-term and long-term outlooks ? increased.

Census Bureau: Fla. has fastest growing U.S. city

In sheer number of residents, Fla.'s home to 7 of the top 50 fastest growers in the U.S. Mid-Fla.'s older-adult magnet, The Villages, tops list for second year.

Most millennials don't understand closing costs

Survey: Two out of three younger adults don't understand closing costs ? and many don't even know they even exist. Among all adults, it's one out of three.

Amendment gets enough signatures for court review

Proposed Fla. constitution change crossed its first threshold. If it makes it to the 2016 ballot, voters will consider expanding solar energy to private markets.

U.S. streamlines rules to speed up drone permits

Operators still need FAA's "Section 333" exemption, but they can get it quicker and, once issued, fly anywhere in the U.S. under specific standard restrictions.

HUD wants to expand domestic violence protections

A 90-day comment period is open for a proposal to extend "Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act" rules to almost all HUD program participants.

Fla.'s forced-sale condo rule could change

A law intended to speed repairs after a hurricane has been used to force condo owners to sell at a big loss, but the Florida Legislature might offer some relief.

Census bureau: 10% of Americans want to move

About 11.2 million Americans don't like their current living situation and want to move somewhere else, with younger adults and renters topping the list.